Date Revision Description Author
1/27/2003 0.9 Initial Draft Kenneth Lewelling
2/13/2003 0.91 Edited use case to reflect that the Struts administrative view has been removed in favor of Struts integration into the OpenCms module administrative view. Kenneth Lewelling
4/4/2003 0.92 Converted document to xml for use with Maven. Kenneth Lewelling

Characteristic Information

Goal in Context: Allows an actor to import an OpenCms module that has a Struts application.
Preconditions: Actor's OpenCms user has rights to import OpenCms modules, is in the "On-Line" project, and the module to be imported has a Struts folder with a Struts configuration file within it.
Successful End Condition: The module is imported, a new Struts application is created, and all "Action" resources show up in the VFS.
Failed End Condition: The module is not imported, no new Struts application is created.
Primary Actor: Struts Administrator
Trigger: Actor goes to the Administration View, selects Module Management, and selects Upload Module.

Success Scenario

  1. The actor selects the appropriate option from the choices Local computer or Server and selects the import file.
  2. The system imports the file and recognizes it includes a Struts application.
  3. The Struts configuration file is parsed and checked for errors.
  4. All the action mapping definition's path properties are checked against a list of all "Action" resources belonging to the Struts application.
  5. If an "Action" resource is not found that corresponds with an action mapping definition's path property a new "Action" resource is added to the VFS. The "Action" resource will take the property path's name and be associated with the Struts application the configuration file is for.
  6. The import continues.


4a. Errors are found in the configuration file.
4aa. The error is logged.
4ab. The Struts file is not syncronized with "Action" resources.
4ac. The upload continues.
6a. If an action mapping definition is resolved to an "Action" resource that is associated with another Struts application the problem is logged.
6aa. The Struts file is not syncronized with "Action" resources.
6ab. The upload continues.


There are no sub-variations.

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