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Characteristic Information

Goal in Context: Remove an "Action" resource throught the VFS.
Preconditions: Actor is in the admin group of OpenCms. "Action" resource exists and actor has write permissions to it.
Successful End Condition: "Action" resource is removed from the VFS and the corresponding action mapping definition in the Struts configuration is removed.
Failed End Condition: "Action" resource remains unchanged and the Struts application the "Action" resource belongs to remains unchanged.
Primary Actor: Struts Developer
Trigger: Actor selects "Detele" from the context menu of the action.

Success Scenario

  1. Actor selects "OK" to the conformation question.
  2. The "Action" resource is removed from the VFS and the corresponing action mapping definition is removed from the Struts configuration file.
  3. Struts configuration file is parsed and checked for errors, then Struts is restarted.


1a. Action selects "Cancel".
1aa. No changes are made.
3a. The Struts configuration file has errors.
3aa. The actor is notifed, the configuration file and "Action" resource are restored.


There are no sub-variations.

Related Information

Super Ordinate Use Case:

Subordinate Use Case:

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