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1/22/2003 0.9 Initial Draft Kenneth Lewelling
4/4/2003 0.91 Converted document to xml for use with Maven. Kenneth Lewelling

Characteristic Information

Goal in Context: Editing content for a web site in OpenCms that is based on the Struts framework.
Preconditions: The Struts application has been ported into OpenCms and the actor has read/write permissions on the Struts resources.
Successful End Condition: Content for the Struts application will be updated from a web based environment without restarting a web container.
Failed End Condition: The content is not changed.
Primary Actor: Web Developer
Trigger: The actor selects edit sourcecode on the context menu of a Struts resource.

Success Scenario

  1. The actor has sufficent rights to update the content for the resource.
  2. The actor saves the page.
  3. The actor is successfuly able to view the updated content.
  4. The content is published.


2a. The user cancels the changes. The content is unchanged.
3a. The page doesn't render correctly or the required material was removed.
3aa. The page is rolled back to its previus state by restoring the file from its history.


There are no sub-variations.

Related Information

Super Ordinate Use Case:

Subordinate Use Case:

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