Date Revision Description Author
1/27/2003 0.9 Initial Draft Kenneth Lewelling
2/13/2003 0.91 Edited use case to reflect that the Struts administrative has been removed in favor of Struts integration into the module administrative view. Kenneth Lewelling
4/4/2003 0.92 Converted document to xml for use with Maven. Kenneth Lewelling

Characteristic Information

Goal in Context: Allow an actor to create a new Struts application.
Preconditions: Actor can create OpenCms modules and is not in the "On-Line" project.
Successful End Condition: A new Struts application is created with a default struts configuration template.
Failed End Condition: No new OpenCms module or Struts application is created
Primary Actor: Struts Administrator
Trigger: Actor goes to the Administration View, selects Module management, and clicks on the icon labled "Create Module".

Success Scenario

  1. The actor is prompted for information reguarding new modules. One option is "Struts Support".
  2. The actor selects the "Struts Support" option.
  3. The actor selects "OK".
  4. A new Struts application is created. The default Struts configuration template is copied into the folder /system/workplace/modules/ < module name > /struts.
  5. The actor is forwarded back to the Module Administrative view where the new module is now visable and has a Struts status of valid.


2a. The actor selects "Cancel".
2aa. The OpenCms module is canceled and the actor is returned to the Module Administrative view.


There are no sub-variations.

Related Information

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