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1/28/2003 0.9 Initial Draft Kenneth Lewelling
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Characteristic Information

Goal in Context: Allow an actor to rename "Action" resources in the VFS.
Preconditions: Actor's OpenCms user account is in the Admin group and has read-write permissions on the "Action" resource.
Successful End Condition: The "Action" resource's name is changed and the changes are syncronized with the Struts configuration file.
Failed End Condition: The "Action" resource is not changed, the Struts configuration file is not changed.
Primary Actor: Struts Developer
Trigger: The actor selects Rename from an "Action" resource context menu in the VFS.

Success Scenario

  1. The actor changes the "Action" resources name.
  2. The actor selects OK .
  3. The system updates the actions mapping definition in the associated Struts configuration file.
  4. Configuration file is parsed and checked for errors.
  5. The action mapping definition's path property is checked against a list of all "Action" resources belonging to the Struts application.
  6. The old "Action" resource is removed and the new "Action" resource is added to the VFS.
  7. Struts is restarted.
  8. The actor will be forwarded back to the VFS folder where the rename occured.


2a. The actor selects Cancel
2aa. No changes to the "Action" resource are made.
2ab. The actor is forwarded back to the VFS folder where the command was issued.
4a. If an action mapping definition is resolved to an "Action" resource that is associated with another Struts application the actor is notifed.
4aa. The actor is return to step 1 and given the opportunity to make the required changes.


There are no sub-variations.

Related Information

Super Ordinate Use Case:

Subordinate Use Case:

Open Issues

How is the "Action" file associated with another Struts application?