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Characteristic Information

Goal in Context: Create a JSP page in OpenCms that uses Struts tag libraries.
Preconditions: A JSP page exists in the VFS, the user has read-write rights to it, and the user has the file locked.
Successful End Condition: A JSP page is edited, a reference to a Struts tag library has been made and the JSP page successfuly loads.
Failed End Condition: The JSP page can not be saved, or it can be saved but does not successfuly load, or the JSP page remains unchanged.
Primary Actor: Web Developer
Trigger: The actor selects edit sourcecode on the context menu of the JSP file.

Success Scenario

  1. The actor enters a Struts taglib definition such as " < %@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-bean.tld" prefix="bean" % > " at the top of the file.
  2. The actor uses one of the tags in the library specified in the JSP page such as: < bean:message key="index.heading"/ > where index.heading is defined in the message resource.
  3. The actor saves the JSP page.
  4. The actor views the JSP page and it succesfuly renders.


3a. The actor cancels the changes. The JSP page remains unchanged.
4a. The page doesn't render properly
4aa. The taglib definition is misspelled, or the tag used is misspelled or invalid.
4ab. The mistake is corrected by the actor.
4ac. Conintue with step 3.


There are no sub-variations.

Related Information

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