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1/23/2003 0.9 Initial Draft Kenneth Lewelling
4/4/2003 0.91 Converted document to xml for use with Maven. Kenneth Lewelling

Characteristic Information

Goal in Context: Edit a Struts configuration file for a Struts application in OpenCms-Struts
Preconditions: A module that contains a Struts application exists, and the actor has locked the struts confiugration file located in the "struts" directory of the module's directory in the VFS.
Successful End Condition: The Struts configuration file is saved and any "Action" resources in the VFS are syncronized with the configuration file.
Failed End Condition: The Struts configuration file is unchanged and "Action" resouces in the VFS are unchanged.
Primary Actor: Struts Developer
Trigger: Actor selects "Edit Sourcecode" on the Struts configuration file's context menu.

Success Scenario

  1. Actor makes desired changes to the Struts configuration file.
  2. Actor selects "Save" or "Save and Exit".
  3. The Struts configuration file is parsed and checked for errors.
  4. Changes to the action resource mapping are syncronized with "Action" resources in the VFS (see UC4 and UC5 ).


2a. Actor selects "Cancel"
2aa. No changes to the Configuration file are made.
3a. Errors in the configuration file are found.
3aa. The status property for the configuration file is changed to invalid, making the Struts application invalid, all actions will result in exceptions thrown untill the file is corrected.
3ab. The actor continues at step 1 with the altered configuration file.


There are no sub-variations.

Related Information

Super Ordinate Use Case:

Subordinate Use Case: UC4 Add action mapping definition to Struts config file, and UC5 Remove action mapping definition to Struts config file.

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